Pirtle Construction Company

Pirtle contracted with David Vigilante Associates Inc. for the College of Policing project in the scope amount of $1,822,500. The front end documentation (contract, insurance, and submittals) was submitted promptly with all revisions and comments incorporated in an acceptable time frame. The material expediting and sequencing performed was conducted in an extremely expeditious and prompt manner. Not once, after the completion of shop drawings, did we have to assert the schedule constraints with this subcontractor. The installation moved effortlessly and accommodating to the usual idiosyncrasies of the job. David Vigilante Associates routinely pushed the job to complete areas ahead of schedule. We feel as though the job was staffed appropriately and with skilled individuals who were helpful with our daily requests. The quality and craftsmanship provided on this project lead the industry as not one punch item pertained to this scope of work. In order to provide the owner with a quality product, this subcontractor stepped outside their scope of work on their own dime and performed extra work with little to no hesitation.

Please accept this recommendation for all future work with this firm.

Very truly yours,

Nick Huseman
Project Manager